Thursday, March 6, 2008

Madisyn was looking in the freezer last night (keep in mind that WE had already decided that we were having cold cut sandwiches, salad and pasta). she ask me if shc could cook some pork chops (oops, the 'easy' meal just went out the window!!! hehehe). she wanted to cook the chops herself. i put some potatoes on to cook and broccoli. i told her she could show me her way of cooking the chops. she was having a good time for sure. she is definately at home in the kitchen...YES!!!!!
she gets my dutch oven pan out and puts miracle whip, mustard, garlic powder & chicken boullion in the pan and mixes it all together (i was grossing out at this point!). i thawed the chops out for her. she then coated them with the 'mixture', and started cooking them on top of the stove. oddly enough, the more they cooked the better it smelled. after cooking till meat was very tender, i said,"oh, good the meat is done and so is the broccoli and i can now mash the potatoes". she just laughed and said, 'oh i have to fry the meat' (i am thinking...isn't that what we just did?? but i know from experience, you don't argue with the cook!). she gets a skillet out and puts oil in it. she takes each chop out of the sauce mix and fries it till crispy. now it is time to eat.
once i tasted her 'chops' i couldn't believe it. one of the best chops i had ever tasted.
needless to say, wayne loves having 2 cooks in the house.