Sunday, December 23, 2007

Favorite grandson!!!!

Wayne had to work this weekend and couldn't go to church with me this morning.
I got up, got ready and headed to church. When I got there I was talking to everyone. Sue told me to look behind me and there stood my handsome and favorite grandson, Dusty(of course he is my only grandson). You could have knocked me over with a feather. Everyone was thrilled to see him and I was excited and proud to have him there with me. When he was little Wayne used to hold him all through church. Once in a while he would climb over and sit on my lap. I was telling him that at church today and he said now I would have to climb on his lap....
Love you Dusty!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

What season are we in???

Our granddaughter, Megan is 5 yrs old and in kindergarten. Well, this past week they have been learning about the different seasons. The teacher asked if anyone knew what season we are in right now, and Megan was eager to let them know.
When called upon she proudly announced ...DEER SEASON! Her daddy is an avid hunter, can you tell???
I am sure Aaron was thinking....'that's my girl'! hehehe

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A week with 'ANGELS'

I know I haven't blogged in a few days, and the blog reporters have been letting me know it..........sorry!!!!

I spent the night at Lori's on Wednesday because I stayed with all 3 little girls on Thursday. Lori and Spike had to be out of town for the day. We had a lot of fun. We played dress up and went 'bear hunting' as Karleigh says, we even danced till poor ole' Nana was pooped!!! Brittan came home from school at 3:00 and I scooted out around 3:30.

Friday Wayne was off work so we ran all day. We headed to Indy to pick up his MRI film then to good ole' Wal-Mart. We ate lunch at Bob Evans in Noblesville then off to Anderson. Wayne took me to Sophie's, my favorite consignment store. while he took a little 'power nap'. I picked up some things for me and Madisyn.

Wayne went back to work today (Friday). I had already planned to spend the day cleaning house. This morning our 5 year old granddaughter Megan called. Her little sister Katie was at their other grandparents house so I asked if Megan could come and 'help' me today. Aaron brought her over and we had a great time. Megan ran the sweeper while i did laundry, dishes and dusted. We got this place looking pretty 'spiffey'. After the work we had a little puppet show in the dining room, had lunch and watched 'Barnyard' movie. We also took some pictures while she was here.