Sunday, November 30, 2008

Priceless photos

Tonight Spike and Lori took the kids and they had their annual family picture taken. When Dustin came home here's what he had for us. Now tell me this isn't one of the most beautiful families you have ever seen....and so colorful!!! hehehe

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving day!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Spike and Lori's new home. The house is beautiful and so big. The kitchen is a dream and I loved every minute of it. Just wish our son and his family could have been there. They were going to his wife's family this year but their little daughter, Katie, was sick and they weren't able to go.
Here are a few pics of the day.

Here are Lori and I the night before, preparing food for Thanksgiving dinner.
It's a memory I will cherish forever. Love you Lori.

Lori caught Wayne "checking" the sweet potatoes. He is holding the spoon in his hand. When he turned around Lori snapped the picture. He was caught red handed.

These pictures are priceless, that's all I can say.

Madisyn giving Ahnier a bath at Lori's. Looks like Ahnier is thinking, "are you sure you know what you are doing here"? hehehe
Here are the 3 little angels helping Nana by breaking bread for dressing the night before. Thank you girls, this is why the dressing tasted sooooo good!!
Little Ahnier just smiled and enjoyed the attention all day long.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We appriciate you, Dustin!

Thank you Dustin!!!
He has been helping Madisyn with her Algebra (something Wayne and I know nothing about). Here they are after school tonight.
I really think he enjoys helping her.
I love you kids

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great weekend

Wayne and Aaron took off Friday to go to southern Indiana for deer hunting season (season starts Saturday). This is something they do together every year. Well,

Aaron called Saturday evening and said that he had shot an albino deer. This is very rare and he couldn't have been happier. They took pictures, so when they get home I will post them.
I just talked to Wayne and he said he has seen several deer, but hasn't gotten that special buck yet. He has had doe's come close but is holding out for a buck. I think they are coming home tomorrow.
Friday, Madisyn and I painted the bathroom. We didn't get finished till about 3:00am. Saturday morning Dustin went to Noblesville to get a haircut and visit his parents. I went to a ladies meeting in Anderson. Oh I sure didn't want to get out of bed at 8:00am, but I did. .I just let Madisyn sleep, she was exhausted. I called her when the meeting was over and she was ready to shop when I got home. We headed for the mall then went to Crackel Barrel for lunch. When we got home we put the Christmas tree up and decorated the house. Another tireing day, but we did have fun.
Today we went to church and had a thanksgiving dinner afterward. Lori, Brit and Ahnier came.
Here are some pics Lori took yesterday and today.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blessed day

Here are the 3 of us today at Noah's funeral. It was such a blessed day just knowing Noah is now with Jesus and the rest of his family.
Aaron picked us up in his limo and we went in style. Madisyn was on cloud 9 riding in that limo....thanks Aaron!!

Here are Brit and Madisyn in the back of the limo. I had to keep reminding them they were at a funeral...not a parade. hehehe

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Noah's 'home'

Yesterday morning my dear brother 'n law, Noah went home to be with Jesus. We will all miss him, but are so happy to know where he is, and to know we will all be together again. Thank You Jesus for the peace only You can give at a time like this.