Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a blessed week!!!!

Lots of good things have been happening this week, and I praise my God for all of them.

As most of you know, we are in the process of adopting a 14 year old girl from Haiti. Her name is Madisyn Mirlande and we can't hardly wait for her to get home with us. The whole process takes sooooo long. We commited to her and started the paperwork Febuary 14, 2006. At first we were moving right along, then things started slowing down. A few weeks ago we came out of one step that we had been in for 7 months. We need 5 signatures in this step we are in right now, it is called, Parquet. We did hear this week that we have 2 signatures and need 3 more, I pray we get them this week. Then we will go into MOI, next, passport, then Visa and she will be ready to fly. We are so excited I think Wayne could fly without even getting on the plane..:)
Please pray she will be home soon and for God to give us favor.

Also, this weekend I went to a fall retreat at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, In. What a time we had! I didn't get a count but I am sure there were around 200 or so people there. The Holy Spirit was moving and people were being touched, healed, delivered, and SAVED!!! it was awesome. Sue preached both services (Friday & Saturday). Here are just a couple of pics of the meetings.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What's going on??

Well, first of all we had a plan for this weekend. We were going to go camping with our daughter and her husband and kids. We had asked our son and his family to go also, but they had other plans. Lori and Spike had plans to go out to dinner on Friday evening with Spike's mom and his sisters and brother and their spouses. Lori and Spike took their camper to the campgrounds on Thursday night so that on Friday they wouldn't have so much to do before they left for dinner. Wayne, Brit and I were going to be at the camper with the kids, and Lori and Spike would be back at the camper after their dinner. THAT WAS THE PLAN!!!
Lori Spike and the girls picked Brit up at school and headed to the campgrounds. Lori dropped Spike and Brit off at the camper so they could get things set up and Lori and the 3 little ones went to Wal Mart to pick up some groceries for the weekend. After Wayne got off of work he went to Aaron's to pick up our motor home. I had the Jeep loaded down with stuff we were taking. Wayne called me and he was stranded on the highway. Aaron went and him and Wayne checked it out and decided that it was the fuel pump that he had just put on needed adjusted. They tried to adjust it as good as they could in the few minutes they had. Well, Wayne finally got home and we were off to the campgrounds. About half way there it messed up again. We pulled over and Wayne adjusted again. It wasn't running good at all and we were both concerned. Wayne was getting a little 'testy' at this point. We went a little futher and then we pulled over again. Wayne came back to the Jeep and said, 'we're going home, the brake line just broke and i have no brakes'.
i called lori and she was at wal mart. she said she had just gotten a full cart of groceries and, before she had gone through the check out all the girls had to go potty. she pulls her full cart over and takes them to the bathroom. when she gets done she goes to get her cart and someone had taken it!!! now, i call and say we can't come. ohhhh noooo, this just can't be happening. she calls spike and he can't hardly believe it. he says they aren't staying either. they brought all the girls over to our house and we kept them all night.Here are some pictures of the little girls. i let them sleep under the dining room table(that was their tent for the night). the next morning dustin played with them on the floor.
this morning i fixed a big breakfast and lori and spike got to our house around 1:00. we all went out for lunch, wayne and i then took a long ride, went to wal mart and then back home.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grandparents Day with Megan

Today was a great! This morning I got up and went to Megan's school at 8:45. It was grandparent's day and the class had a little program all planned. Wayne had to work so I went for both of us. The kids sang a song, we did a craft together and had refreshments. Megan showed me around her school, and introduced me to everyone, even if she didn't know them...she would say, "hey, I am Megan and this is my Nana, what is your name"? She is so precious and we had a wonderful time together.

Monday, October 15, 2007

What would I do without my grandkids?

This is sure gonna be a busy week for me, but i am not complaining.
yesterday after i got home from church lori, spike and the girls came over for a while to visit. as soon as they left sharon brought megan and katie over. they stayed a couple of hours and we played and played. wayne has to work tomorrow so he had to get to bed early.
This morning i got up and did a couple loads of laundry, ran the sweeper and got ready for the day. I left home around 10:30am and headed for McDonald's for my diet coke and headed towards Noblesville. I went and picked Kiara up at school and headed to Lori's. Ruby was in school. Lori had a Dr appt so i was there to watch Kiara and Karleigh. Lori fixed the girl's lunch and said that i could lay them down for their nap after lunch. I asked her what time they HAD TO GO to bed and she just said 'oh, whenever'. i don't think she will say that to me again....
after the girls ate lunch i cracked out the snacks i brought with me. i had a bag of clothes i had gotten from freecycle and i was going through it. well, the girls decided we could all play 'dress-up'. that sounded like a fun thing to me, so we all played dress-up and prayed that spike wouldn't pop in unexpectedly. well, next we colored pictures, played with barbie's and pony's. finally we heard the garage door open.....oops
lori walked in and said 'what, they are still up?' i reminded her that she didn't give me a set time for their naps. i started getting ready to go and karleigh was waving by to lori. i had a wonderful time with them and can't wait to do it again. i think it is about time for lori and spike to take a vacation, then i can stay with all of them and spoil them rotten!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Special Thank You

A friend of our daughter and son n law's just blessed us with $500. towards Madisyn's adoption. We want to thank him (he doesn't want us to use his name, but God knows) and let him know how grateful we are, this man doesn't even know us.
The other day we sold our treadmill for $200. That is going towards the adoption also. Our thermometer is going up, up, up.
We pray God will bless all that have supported us in any way.
We love you all!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A day with Nana

Today was a fun day for Nana (me). Lori and Karleigh came by this morning while their house was being shown (it's for sale). Kiara and Ruby were in school. Aaron brought Katie by as she was going to spend the day with me. Karleigh and Katie loved playing together as they are not only cousins but 'good friends' and have a great time together. After Lori left (she had to get Kiara at school), Katie and I went to go and pick Megan up at school. When we got there the kids were all outside waiting to be picked up. Megan and her teacher came to the car and the teacher said Megan had been so excited. She said Megan got up and told the whole class that her Nana would be picking her up today. After getting her we went to McDonalds to get happy meals. They both chose to come back to our house and eat their meals and then play. We had so much fun.

Karleigh and Katie playing


Sunday, October 7, 2007

What a blessed week!!!

Oh my goodness, where do i begin? Just this week we have been blessed with Madisyn's papers moving up one step. We had been in for 6 months and felt like we were glued there. We saw others that went in after we did, come out and go into the next step. We were happy for them, but so dissapointed for ourselves. Now we are in a step called Parquet. We hear we will be in this for about 6 weeks, then move to another step.
This week we have had $200 donated toward the adoption. Today we went to church and Steve and Judy Richwine gave us a check for $100. I believe with all my heart this adoption will be completely paid in full by the time she gets home. Thank you all for making our dream to have her home possible. You are changing a young girls life, and I know you will be blessed by God!!!
At least we are moving closer and closer...Praise God!
We thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gift of love

I can't hardly believe what is happening. Last night we heard that we were finally out of IBESR, then today, as i already posted, Charles and Lori from Haiti gave $25 towards Madisyn's adoption. Our daughter, Lori just phoned and said someone sent $50 to help bring Madisyn home. The person didn't even sign their name or give a return address. I pray that they read this blog so they will know how very much this is appriciated. I wish I could hug every one of you that have helped in any way. The $$, the prayers, everything....Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Thank you - thank you - thank you

My daughter, Lori, just phoned me and said, 'okay mom, scream'. after asking 'what'? several times and still being told to scream...i screamed. Lori then told me that she had just received $25 from Charles and Lori in Haiti towards Madisyn's adoption. I just can't hardly believe how God is doing all this. Thank you so much Charles and Lori, we love and appriciate you so much. Our total is climbing and climbing. I honestly believe this adoption will be paid in full by the time she gets home, and we have God's people to thank. We love you!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Just wanted to let everyone know that we got out of IBESR today. We have been in there for 6 months and thought we would never get out. Now we are in Parquet. Lori said we would probably be in there for a month and a half or so. At least we are moving.....Thank You Jesus!!!
I just called Haiti and Wayne and I told Madisyn that we were out and Licia said she was grinning from ear to ear. I am so glad she is excited to come home. We can't hardly wait till she is here. I don't know if I will be able to sleep at all tonight.
We want to thank all of you that have been praying for us, we so appriciate all of you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

God bless you people!!!

Last night there were 2 people that gave towards Madisyn's adoption. There is no amount too small, and every $1 will be used towards the adoption costs. I don't even know some people that have given, but I want you all to know we will be eternally grateful. You are helping to change someone's life.
God bless you all!!

Thank you Uncle Bob & Aunt Ruth'e

I would like for all of you that read my blog to meet my Uncle Bob and Aunt Ruth'e.
Aunt Ruth'e is my mother's youngest sister. After my father passed away last year, my aunt and uncle went to the auction and purchased some things that belonged to my parents. Well, these precious two decided to give me some of the things they purchased (a few pictures and a Bible that my mother carried to church. there are even papers in there with her and dad's writing on them. mom had underlined some scriptures, notes from her Bible study, etc.)
Needless to say, these 'treasures' are priceless to me. As we were leaving, Aunt Ruth'e gave me a small envelope. when we got in the car i opened the envelope and there was $100 with a note saying it was for Madisyn's adoption. I would just like to say thank you and God bless you both.