Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh happy day!!

Yesterday I was able to go and visit with Dustin. As soon as I saw him I started to cry, then when it was time to leave we were both in tears. We had a 3 hour visit and now I can't wait till we see him again. He looked good and seemed in good spirits. He seems to be closer to God and for that I am thankful. He misses 'home and family' so much. We all miss him too and can't wait till he is home with us again.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Megan, Katie and "Flower"

Here are 2 of our little granddaughters, Megan and Katie. These 2 little 'angels' belong to our son, Aaron and his wife, Sharon. The girls were at their other grandparents house over the weekend. Sharon's dad has a new baby calf the girls have proudly named, 'Flower'

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Lori (sorry the post is late)

I have been so busy lately i neglected to wish my daughter, Lori, a very happy birthday. She turned 42 on Monday, March 10.

Lori, I love you so much and I thank God for you. I only wish some of your organizing skills would rub off on your mother.

Blessings to you always.

Road to recovery

Wayne is doing great since his surgery. Today they took the staples out and he had therapy for the 3rd time this week. He was also released to drive & i thought he would be so anxious to get behind the wheel. he said he didn't want to drive quite yet, i think he is enjoying be driven around. he was so happy to finally get those support hose off.
as of this morning he has lost 39 pounds since his surgery, and he is starting to get some of his energy back.
We want to thank all of you that have prayed, sent cards, visited and phoned. Most of all we want to say a big THANK YOU JESUS!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank You Jesus...again and again

Wayne had knee replacement surgery last week and he has done wonderful, Thank You Jesus!
I woke up a couple of days ago sick with the flu. Lori and her girls have been sick and so has Sharon and the girls. All this has been weighing heavily on me. Things can't get any worse, right? Wrong!
Dustin got transferred to a prison three hours away and it makes me so worried for him. The enemy TRIED, i did say tried to play with my mind and put fear on me, then i remembered something wonderful.................. God has NOT given me the spirit of fear and He will take care of Dustin no matter where he goes. What a relief, knowing His Dad has him.
We haven't seen Dustin since January and miss him so much. We were hoping to see him within the next week or two. We sent our applications in and are waiting for approval. I called today and found out that it takes 2 months to be approved.......the bottom TRIED to drop out again. I felt physically ill when the phone rang. A dear friend (Rob) called to see how we were doing. I am usually a very upbeat person. I had just gotten the worse news i could imagine when he called. I answered and he said Georgi? I said oh hi Rob. He said what is wrong, is it about Dustin? I told him what i had heard and he let me know he and Angie would be praying for us. We hung up. The phone then rang again and it was Dustin calling. When i heard his voice i just cried and cried. He kept saying Nana are you okay? He must have thought wayne died during surgery or something. He sounded good and very strong in the Lord, I knew prayers were going up for us. when we hung up the doorbell was Rob. He said he just felt led to come and pray with us. oh my goodness, God is so good!!! I want to thank God now for all the friends he has placed in my life. Thank you Rob.... Now you think that is it for the bad and good stuff right? what more could happen?
i received an email from another dear dear friend that hears God. she said she had listened to kim clement and was listening to the cd coming home from work and had to repeat it twice to be sure of what he said : "some of you out there have a loved one behind bars and I tell you this, God is going to use them to roll back the gates of hell" .( When i read this i just lost it completely.)
I desire to have Him just take all of my flesh and Him just flow through me... This is a tough walk for :"God's Kids" all of us at this time.. He is purging us so he can flow through us freely.. and He is taking the most precious to our hearts and doing this, but at the same time He also is working on Dustin. Thank you Charlotte.
If any of you feel led to write to Dustin to encourage him in the Lord please do. you cannot send him anything but letters and pictures (no copies) no extra paper or stamps. His address is:

Westville Correctional Facility
Dustin Wayne Shepler #198634
5501 South 1100 West
Westville, IN 46391