Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, snow, and more snow!!

We woke up to over 10" of snow today and there was no school, needless to say, Madisyn was sooo happy to sleep in. She got up around 10:00, ate breakfast and started getting ready to go outside and play. She was so excited to get in the snow. She had said yesterday that when it snowed she wanted to make a 'snow guy', 'snow boy' or whatever you call it....she is so funny.
When she got outside she decided to wait a while to make her little snow friend, so she played with Dakota.

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Candy Floss and Farrie Cakes said...

Georgie-those are great pictures! We have an exchange student from Mexico who is about Madisyn's age. He has had a ball playing in the snow! It's fun to watch their new experiences!
Michele and Ethan (Othon too!)