Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank you God!

As most of you know, Madisyn has been praying for a good godly friend. This has been her desire for almost a year now. She has met some girls from school, but when they are around others, they talk bad or do something not good. Madisyn would go to lunch, put her food on the table and go to get a drink only to come back and her food be moved. She has been so hurt, and being her mom, it crushes me. It was coming down to me going and punching someone or GIVE IT TO GOD. I guess you know what i did. Madisyn has requested prayer at church and at our monthly meetings. I thank God for caring friends that have prayed for her.
Well, today I picked her up at school and she was so happy. She got in the car and told me this was her best day ever. She sais she was in the lunch room and these 3 girls that she had never seen before came up to her. One said, you are Madisyn aren't you? Madisyn said yes and this girl said someone had told her about her. These girls invited her to eat with them and were very nice to her. They were talking to her and asking her about Haiti and how she liked it here. Madisyn said she was happy but wanted to have a real friend. They asked her what she meant. She told them she wanted godly friends with high morals, no matter who is around. They all looked at each other and said they were Christians and they meet every morning before class in the auditoriam for prayer. They invited her to join them starting tomorrow. Madisyn said she went to the restroom and said Lord, if this is You,,,thank You so much.
I haven't stopped crying and thanking Jesus, not only for Madisyn meeting good kids, but for friends and family that have prayed and believed for her life to be blessed.

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